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Hello, I'm Nicola Ayan

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer | Episerver Certified Developer | C# Programmer | Front-end Developer

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Dependency Injection with Unity in an ASP.NET application

9 Dec 2017

You will find lots of articles regarding Dependency Injection and why you should implement this design pattern. While this post is not about the “why” but the “how”, my two cents to “why do it” is below: Code becomes easily testable Components/layers are decoupled Overall promotes maintainability and good software practice This post will guide […]

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How to integrate Product Reviews in an Episerver website

29 Nov 2017

In this post, I will go over how I implemented integration between my Episerver website with There were three things involved in the development: Custom Plugin – This really is just a settings page that allows authors to add multiple endpoints/APIs from Product Reviews (i.e. you have multiple products up for reviews) Scheduled job […]

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How to enable bundling and minification of CSS/JS in ASP.NET

25 Nov 2017

This is a pretty neat way to bundle and optimize your CSS and Javascript files within your ASP.NET application. Install the nuget package Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework Add a new class inside the App_Start folder > BundleConfig.cs Register/group your CSS and JS files the way you want it public class BundleConfig { public static […]

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Nicola Ayan

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications


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Hello, my name is Nicola Ayan.

I'm a Software Developer with 7 years of experience in the IT Industries of New Zealand, Dubai and Australia. I specialize in building websites on ASP.NET, using C# with HTML5 and Episerver CMS.

In my spare time, I do freelancing building websites for startup companies, beauty salons and online portfolios with clients based in New Zealand, UK, Canada, Philippines and Dubai.
I make sure that all of the applications I build incorporate responsive design to achieve the best User experience.

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I'm currently available for freelance work.

If you think I would be able to help you with anything at all, please feel free to contact me!

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