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Optimise your images using Cloudflare Polish

16 Apr 2018    Tech Help

Image optimisation

Today I got the chance to try out a Cloudflare product, called “Polish“, and I must say it’s not bad at all. What does Polish do? Dynamic image compression for both Lossless and Lossy mechanisms – Like a lot of tools out there, Polish offers dynamic compression of images using either Lossless or Lossy mechanisms; Lossless […]

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Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is one geeky goodie

15 Mar 2018    Tools

VSTS is awesome

I must admit when I first used it, VSTS can be overwhelming and scary, especially to non-technical people. Here in Australia, Atlassian products are very popular. And I can understand why. The combo of Jira, Bitbucket & Confluence is very good. However, with what VSTS has become now, being an all-inclusive platform that caters for […]

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SEO – My webpage is no longer showing on Google SERP

14 Mar 2018    Tech Help

Why is my page not showing on Google

Today, I noticed one of the pages in my client’s site disappeared from the Google SERP. It was on the 2nd page of Google for a specific search keyword, but it can no longer be found anywhere in the SERP at all. When I do the trick of searching for “site:{DOMAIN_URL_HERE}”, all other pages in […]

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Azure Virtual Machines – Benefits of developing in the Cloud

7 Mar 2018    Azure

Azure Virtual Machines Benefits

It’s now over a year since I started developing on Azure Virtual Machines and while it’s not cheap (more on this later), it’s hard for me to go back and develop locally on physical machines. In this post, I’ll go over the advantages of owning and developing on a Virtual Machine hosted in the cloud. […]

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Nicola Ayan

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Hello, my name is Nicola Ayan.

I'm a Software Developer with 7 years of experience in the IT Industries of New Zealand, Dubai and Australia. I specialize in building websites on ASP.NET, using C# with HTML5 and Episerver CMS.

In my spare time, I do freelancing building websites for startup companies, beauty salons and online portfolios with clients based in New Zealand, UK, Canada, Philippines and Dubai.
I make sure that all of the applications I build incorporate responsive design to achieve the best User experience.

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