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Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer | Episerver Certified Developer | C# Programmer | Front-end Developer

Episerver Forms – Cannot set property ‘$workingForm’ of undefined

25 Oct 2018    Tech Help

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This took me a little while to figure out and there isn’t any helpful resource online at the time of writing (according to Google anyway) regarding this error so I think this deserves a blog post… Problem I am on Episerver.Forms 4.18.0 and I’ve been getting this error on my browser console intermittently. Sometimes it […]

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Expose FontAwesome icons to the Episerver rich text editor (TinyMCE)

23 Oct 2018    Episerver

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For those who need to expose font icons to your Episerver rich text editor, the below might help… My plugin uses FontAwesome 5.3.1. The code is on Github. References that helped direct me to this solution: Josh18 (TinyMCE for Joomla) – FortAwesome (ofcourse) – TinyMCE doco –  

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Nicola Ayan

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications


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Hello, my name is Nicola Ayan.

I'm a software / developer with over 8 years of experience in the IT Industries of New Zealand, Dubai and Australia. I specialize in developing web apps for the cloud, using Episerver & Microsoft Technologies.

In my spare time, I have been helping clients, from startups to medium-sized, from designing to solutions to implementing them and going live. The clients I have worked with are based in New Zealand, UK, Canada, Philippines and Dubai.

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